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Upcoming trips and events

Girls Wine Week 

An unforgettable weekend of luxury awaits you... 

You can join one of our small group getaways for ladies 40+

Or let us plan your special girls weekend or a romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart. Ask us about marriage proposal ideas!

Solo Traveler

Women's Italy Coast to Coast trip

April 26 -May 4, 2022

A trip for women by women. 

Accompanied by your local insider, you'll discover Italy in a special way, through its most famous women for an itinerary dedicated entirely to femininity. 

Catania Sicily.jpg

Taste of Sicily 

September 2022

Join us for a food, wine and cultural journey  on the beautiful island of Sicily.  

We'll spend 10 days exploring the diverse history, stunning architecture and of course ...

tasting the delicious cuisine, wine and olive oil of the island. 

We are in the process of adding more retreats, so please check back for additional

dates, locations and travel updates.

If you and your friends or company would like a tailored vacation just for you, please contact us to arrange a special trip guaranteed to create unforgettable memories


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Here are some photos from our past trips and retreats

Note from host:


This is Italy...  Be prepared to enjoy the wine and cuisine of this magical place... and of course the gelato! This is an experience, not just a vacation or your typical retreat.


Let go of any worries you might have around dieting, the food we will eat is made from fresh natural ingredients and sourced locally according to the season.

Have a food sensitivity? No worries- Italy has many gluten free and vegetarian options.

Loving our bodies (as they are) is another integral part of the Italian culture. Travel to Italy with us and learn what Italians already know... how to enjoy life with passion! 

La Dolce Vita is all about passion, love and beauty. 


Click here to read a great article on why we should invest in experiences like this


Tuscany is the heart of Italy and one of my favorite places to explore

Special excursions

The true beauty and magic of Italy can be found in the small towns and villages, with wonderful local experiences and families.

Together we'll explore the hidden landscapes, being sure not to miss the important sights, as we create memories and stories to last a lifetime. 


"Thank you, Ann Marie, for showing me a side of Italy and myself I would never have discovered on my own. Grazie mille, Bella! "
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2015-10-07 08.17.13
2015-10-07 08.17.13
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Our friends and owners of the villa
Our friends and owners of the villa
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cooking with Jacopo
cooking with Jacopo
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Villa dora outdoor dining
Villa dora outdoor dining
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Happiness Tuscan style
Happiness Tuscan style
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2015-09-02 09.22.44
2015-09-02 09.22.44
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2015-02-16 08.29.43
2015-02-16 08.29.43
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Get ready to fall in love with Italy, connect with new friends, bathe in laughter and joy,
and revel in new adventures as you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul living la dolce vita

Dine Al fresco in the harmony of the exquisite landscape, and feel like part of the family
 Allow your palate to be awakened with fresh simple cuisine and vibrant wines

Meet your host
*see testimonials

Ann Marie Packard
Retreat host, Event Planner, Italophile
Organizer for "San Franciscans who love all things Italian" and "Let's go to Italy"  Meetup groups
Italian Ambassador and member of Le Donne D'Italia
Each time I return to Italy there's a feeling that stirs my soul and whispers welcome home. 
I remember my first visit in 1988 sitting in an ancient piazza sipping cappuccino, my travel companion was lost in conversation and I was lost in the beauty of my surroundings.
Italy has a way of tantalizing all your senses at once. I've never felt so completely present than I did in that moment taking in the sights, the sounds of the most beautiful language, with music and delicious aromas filling the air. The glow of bistro lights strung along the cafes as the sun set, and the gentle summer breeze caressing my soul... I was captivated.
It was that magical moment that I fell in love with this beautiful country.  Italians live life at a slower pace and they live it fully, with passion. This is the experience I want to share with you.

Why I began leading retreats

After my fathers sudden passing in 2007 at the young age of 60, my life changed. My father and I had plans to travel together once he retired.

He worked hard his entire life and spoke often about the things he was putting off for a "someday" that never came.

I decided to let go of my own excuses and made a decision to enjoy life, now.

Each year, I traveled to a place on my dads bucket list and sprinkled some of his ashes... so in a sense we did travel the world together after all.

Soon I began noticing signs showing up in my life, like the flyer for a yoga retreat in Tuscany which led me to quit my job of 25 years to follow my heart and realize a dream of creating retreats of my own.
I've lost some very dear people these last few years and it has shown me that life really is too short not to do the things that make you feel happy. For me, helping others experience truly living and taking a moment, to do something for themselves (that will stay with them forever) is immensely fulfilling.
I read somewhere that we are the sum of our experiences, if so, then investing in traveling and creating memories should be a priority. I've also found that sharing experiences takes life to another level. Connecting with others is a basic human need, I love witnessing the sharing and connection I see  on my retreats.


After this crazy pandemic I'm so ready to travel again, how about you? Are you ready to come live la Dolce Vita with me? 

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