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Arabian Nights Adventure
Coming September 2023! 
(Dates to be determined)


Winding streets with beautiful doors that lead to hidden worlds...

where incense  and spice fill the air

as the dancers

golden threads 

spin their tales

Welcome to


Find your Inner Goddess Retreat

Listen... do you hear the sacred call of your inner Goddess waiting to be awakened? 

Do you yearn to reconnect with yourself and the sacred feminine?


Craving a little Magic in your life?


Nourish your soul with a taste of exotic delights on this adventure into the sights,     sounds and delicious tastes  of Marrakesh

What to expect on this magical journey 

Imagine closing your eyes... breathing in the scent of fresh mint, coriander, cinnamon, cumin, and the delicious aroma of simmering tajines filling the air. 


You've found yourself in Marrakesh

a place that tantalizes you with a visual and aromatic feast for your senses.

After a delightful day shopping in the souks you'll meander through the alleys back to your splendid Riad where you’ll be greeted by a refreshing glass of mint tea and

soft candle-light.

Sinking into the velvety cushions surrounded by the the exotic setting of our private courtyard it's hard not to feel like Moroccan Royalty

Ah…the delights of Marrakesh!

The Venue

We’ll be spending 7 fabulous nights in the beautiful country of Morocco which borders the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea.

We'll begin and end our adventure in Marrakesh, enjoying the exotic culture, food, shopping, and the stunning décor of our own private Riad, a traditional Moroccan home. 


Though our Riad is located near the hustle and bustle of the Medina, once inside you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in a secret oasis. The Moroccan craft work and decor is stunning, the rooms beautifully appointed and the shabby chic atmosphere is the perfect combination of luxury and traditional Bohemian Berber style.

After 4 nights in Marrakesh we will journey deep into the desert where our adventure will include a night at a private luxury camp under the stars. We'll return to our Riad for one final night before we say our goodbyes in Marrakesh.

Unique cultural experiences 

Imagine riding camel back at sunset...

into the apricot colored dunes of our camp. Retreating to the comfort and luxury of our exclusive private desert oasis where we'll be greeted with mint tea dates and nuts after our journey. You'll have the impression of complete solitude in the vast African desert while enjoying all the comforts of a nomad queen.


An Arabian nights dinner...

followed by music, a special fire ceremony and dancing around the campfire beneath the starry African sky will leave you feeling like you're living in an Arabian nights fairy tale. You'll feel like Scheherazade sleeping in your private luxury tent with magical decor and en suite facilities in the peacefulness of the Sahara.

Highlights... During this 3 day/2 night excursion we have the privilege to visit with desert nomads, enjoy tea with the Musicians of Khemlia, and have lunch with a Berber family. After lunch have your hands and feet painted with Henna or your hair adorned with saffron.

A truly special opportunity to enjoy the culture of this beautiful country. 

Here are some of the amazing things you'll experience...

The Cuisine

Fit for a Goddess...

The perfect balance of spices create an extraordinary combination of

savory and sweet dishes


Dinner is a slow, lingering, multi-course candlelit affair. Perfect for practicing mindful eating a Goddess


You'll indulge in traditional dishes of Tajine, couscous, savory vegatables and fresh

baked breads – perfect for both vegetarians

and meat-eaters. 


We have a fun night planned at a well-known club in the red city, Le Comptoir, where we’ll admire the fabulous belly dancers

(or practice our new moves and dance with them!)

Enjoy an afternoon spa experience.

Indulging in a traditional Hammam will surely make you feel like a Goddess. Bathe in steam and rose petals as your body is exfoliated with soap made from olive oil leaving your skin soft and smooth.

This treat is a perfect way to unwind after a day in the chaotic maze of Marrakesh. Be prepared to feel amazingly relaxed and refreshed, 

your skin soft and glowing...

Goddess Delights...

Ceremonies and Rituals

This is a life changing retreat and in this fast paced technology saturated world- it has never been more important to tune in, create joy and experience a playful bonding energy. 


Rituals move us and can be a powerful way to bring back missing vitality and energy of the self by deepening awareness, reinforcing our sacred bonds, and empowering us to manifest changes we wish to achieve. 

Simple ceremonies are planned throughout the week to inspire connection, provide care for the soul, and bring focus and strength to our innermost dreams and desires. 

Special opening and closing ceremonies will set the stage for feeling welcomed and connected upon arrival and to hold space for the bonds we create during our trip.


Bonus: Tarot Cards will be integrated to help guide you. They will help you set a beautiful intention for this magical journey we will take together. In addition to this we have designed Goddess Archetype cards for you to discover which goddess reflects your essence.    

Morning Yoga Sessions

Rise and shine with simple healing yoga stretches that will get your whole body and soul tuning into to your inner Goddess. That part of you that is empowered and vital.

Starting off your day with a grounding yoga session helps you reconnect with yourself and will get you ready for a glorious day of inspiration, adventure and joy.

Have you been running nonstop letting your body, mind or soul feel run down or neglected?


Then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to step outside your everyday routine, sink deep into your inner knowing and awaken your soul. 


With April's guidance and the support of your new retreat friends, your desires manifest with ease on this journey along with tears, laughter, and hugs. 


  • Recognize your inner strength, feel grateful for who you are and acknowledge all you’ve accomplished.

  • Identify and break through personal barriers that are keeping you from creating the life of your dreams

  • Get clear on what’s next in your life 

  • Reconnect with what’s important to your heart and strengthen your practice of living a life based on your own intuition and guidance.

Do you feel a need to reassess your direction, or give yourself space to dream? Take the opportunity to bask in the warmth, care and bonding that happens when women of all ages come together and share their wisdom.

Together our experience and energies can call in forces greater than ourselves creating the growth we desire in ourselves and the ability to share our gifts.

What's Included: 

  • Welcome reception  with  dinner

  • Total of 7 nights accommodations

  • 3 day 2 night adventure to Merzouga which includes a Luxury overnight "glamping" experience in the Sahara desert       (Don't worry, there is a bathroom with shower in your tent!)

  • Sunset camel ride into Luxury campsite 

  • 7 delicious breakfasts,  2 lunches,  4 dinners

  • Group Belly dance Lessons, ceremonies + lots of fun!

  • Morning Yoga class 

  • Transport with expert licensed driver and guide during our 3 day desert excursion 

  • Fire ceremony +  authentic  Arabian Nights dinner in the Sahara

  • Lunch and cooking lesson with a traditional Berber family 

  • Henna experience in Berber Village

  • Entrance fees to Palaces/Gardens/Kasbahs/Mosques during the 3 day excursion

  • Transport to/from the airport (*at designated times TBD) 

Whats  not Included: 

  • Your round-trip airfare from home

  • All dinners and lunches not mentioned in the itinerary 

  • Alcoholic beverages, unless specified to be included with certain meals

  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, and tips for your room maid, porter, guides etc (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Belly Dancing

Belly Dance is a dance for all women. Learning this sensuous form of dance allows you to tune into your feminine body with mesmerizing turns, earthy hip centered movements and slow sensual arm gestures. 


As we adorn ourselves in brilliant hues of color, dressed as tribal priestesses of an older time- when women were celebrated and honored... moving to music that speaks to a longing in our soul, we find our inner Goddess.


Belly dancing doesn’t require you be thin or have a big belly or be a certain definition of “feminine” it’s a dance that connects you to yourself that is sensual, powerful and playful.


As we invite our bodies to bring the circular rhythmic nature of life into our hips, moving us out of linear thinking into circular "being" we come alive. Imagine what fun we'll have practicing our new moves around the fire under the starry African skies of the desert. 

Fun Group

Photo Shoot

Our photographer is very excited to capture the feminine essence of our group with a Scheherazade style photo shoot. Can you just imagine the fun group photos with gorgeous ornate Moroccan architecture as our backdrop? Don't worry we'll have a few fun accessories like  hip scarves, veils, and fantasy jewelry to play with. 

Aside from being really fun, this photo shoot is also intended to be deeply transformational in finding your inner Goddess. 

Imagine closing your eyes, thinking deeply about your inner beauty and power, then looking deeply into the lens as that raw, radiant, natural beauty and magic, that is you, is captured.   

Our body does amazing things as it carries us through our lifetime, and it deserves to be honored and loved. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and all women should experience loving their body, flaws and all. Beauty is about being different, natural, sincere, and authentic. It's about being yourself.  When you allow yourself to start seeing your unique beauty, and feeling confident in your own skin, amazing things start to happen.  

Athena during our Italy tour February 2017, Photo by Luigi Bargelini 

Optional Treats

Yoga one on one 

Need a little guidance with your Yoga practice? April is offering 20 minute customized  sessions to help your alignment, deepen your practice and help you get the most benefit for your body.

20 Minute personal Yoga session $30

April has been a Priestess for twenty years and will be offering optional private Tarot readings to reclaim your past, celebrate your present and envision your future. 

Private Readings offered: 

    (paid by cash or Venmo) 

20 Minute Tarot Card Reading $40

One hour Tarot Card Reading $125

Optional Life Coaching Session


Being listened to is validating and healing.

April will support you in removing obstacles to your goals, visions, and dreams. We will make a plan for you to get back on track with what is out of balance in your life. Subjects may include relationships, career, communication, health, wellness, and exercise.

45 Minute Life Coaching Session $80

One hour $125

Meet your hosts

Ann Marie Packard

Your Host, and event planner

Hello fellow adventurers, I'm so excited to share this exploration in exotic Morocco with you!! I started this journey after my father passed away in 2007 without ever having realized his dream of traveling. It was then that I realized life is for living and experiencing now and it has become my mission to share the gift of travel and help people to live their dreams. There is so much beauty and culture to be explored, why not give yourself permission to enjoy it? I love sharing this beautiful gift of creating amazing trips so you don't have to stress about details. Come awaken your wanderlust spirit, this is your one life... I invite you to come live it! 

April Faith Hirshman

Retreat facilitator and Co-Host, Yoga and Belly Dance instructor

April Faith Hirschman thrives on empowering women to live beautiful, abundant, and self-loving lives. She is a Belly Dancer, Life Coach, Tarot Card Reader, Massage Therapist, Yogi, Writer and Film Maker. Her love of travel and wellness ignited her on a life’s mission to travel the world sharing her gifts. Her central message is that we are on this earth to celebrate; each of us is a living Goddess on our path of exploring the fullness of life.

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Arabian Nights Morocco Adventure


$ to be determined 

per person dbl occupancy

(airfare not included)

Space is limited to 10 participants 

A non-refundable deposit of $895 is due at the time of registration to secure your space

Deposits can be made through PayPal, Visa, Check or Cash






Remaining balances due by June 15th 2022

There is a 3% fee for credit card and PayPal payments, payment plan options available

For general questions about this trip please email

Ann Marie



Reservation/Refund and Cancellation Policy:

A $895 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. Your spot is not reserved until we receive your deposit.

Ask me about payment plans. All remaining balances due in full by June 1st, 2023. 

If you need to cancel anytime between 30 days to 60 days prior to the trip 50% of the payment, less the deposit, will be refunded. We are not able to provide refunds for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the trip. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full).

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

We suggest insure my trip  online insurance, they offer several policy options.

Dolce Vita Retreats

About Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country full of contrasts with a diverse cultural blend of Arabic, Berber, French and Spanish influences, making it one of the most magical and mystifying destinations to visit. 

Moroccan people are among the most hospitable people in the world. They are warm, very tolerant and abhor violence. The King and the Moroccan government are strongly against terrorism and have security measures in place to prevent negative influences from taking hold in their country. 

There haven’t been any warnings for Morocco and it is considered safe to visit. 

Most of the people speak French and Arabic, however English is spoken in most tourist areas so you will have no problem communicating.

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