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Mommy and Me

Mothers day Retreat 

May 7-14, 2016

Please check back for our next Tuscan Adventure in 2017
Enjoy an amazing week under the Tuscan Sun 
 with your little one 

Don't rush through life, Pause and enjoy it. Reconnect with what's really important...

Being present with our child energizes us, makes us feel more alive, and makes them feel loved and important. 


Take an opportunity to really connect with your child while also giving yourself some much needed relaxation and enjoyment. If you're like most parents, time is a precious commodity that often eludes us. We get busy with the house and work, which leaves us too tired or "busy" to play. Children need to play, and mom's need to relax and enjoy some quality time too. During our Mommy and Me week in Tuscany we will find the perfect balance. 


Did you know at the end of our lives 90% of people say that their biggest regret is that they didn't spend more quality time with the people they cared about? These precious years of childhood pass by quickly, don't be one of the statistics, get present and enjoy it!

Come make some memories

What to expect on your retreat


There is nothing quite like small town hospitality away from the areas infected with mass tourism. Our goal is not to simply show you Italy and offer Italian cooking classes (although theres still lots of that!) but rather to give you the fun relaxed feeling of family the Italian culture does so well. When the week is over, you will have experienced the real Italy that few tourists have ever experienced. You will have made new friends, and you will have learned why Italian culture is so amazing... because you will have lived it.


You'll be staying in a beautifully restored villa in a wonderful location near the village of Monterchi an antique medieval town in the province of Arezzo, located on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. The villa is surrounded by 25 hectares of land with century old oaks, cypresses and pines where a natural footpath has been created for exploring this little corner of Tuscany.


The pool is in a beautiful garden with roses , lavender, jasmine, cypresses and olive trees, offering stunning views over the valley towards the lush green tuscan hills. Moms stresses will melt away while taking in the view as they watch the children tend to their business of playing in the new 1000sqm playground. We will enjoy our al-fresco meals in the large garden under an old pergola with moscatello and canaiola grapes, used to produce Vin Santo. 



During excursions the children will be cared for at the villa by local babysitters, so mom can indulge in a little peaceful sightseeing. Click here for more trip details


Our wine tour is a fantastic experience to discover some beautiful wineries in Tuscany. We will set out from the villa after breakfast to a winery in Montalcino to taste the famous Brunello wine for our first stop, then enjoy lunch in a local restaurant with a stunning view of Montalcino and the valley. After lunch we will visit two other beautiful small towns, before heading back to playtime with the kids. 


Our second excursion will be a visit to a hilltop Monastery where St Francis of Assisi stayed during his pillgrimage. A truly beautiful place with another stunning view. 


Other optional excursions are available to other nearby towns and cities, but we suggest taking time to to really enjoy the serenity of the villa and bonding time with your family. A time to slow down and immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of Italy.

Spending quality time with our children is extremely important for their

development and happiness, as well as our own







One of my favorite quotes when my children were little was: 

Cleaning and dusting can wait til tomorrow, for children grow up we've learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cob webs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep. 

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